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Finding your way through the complicated business of insurance can be hard to do by yourself.  You are a unique person, and while many insurance products fit a lot of people, there are special things about each of our customers that require our council and advocacy.


We proudly represent these companies and many more....


H.K. Dent Society ( Premier Partner)

We have been members of Safeco's H.K. Dent Society, now called Premier Partner, since it's inception.  Safeco named the society for it's founder H.K. Dent, as a way to recognize agents for their partnership, performance and loyalty.  The H.K. Dent Society is comprised of approximately 10% of all Safeco agents across the contry, and it is to these agents that Safeco devotes their best resources.  This means that you know you are doing business with one of Safeco's Elite agencies; someone you can trust; someone with a long track record of caring for their clients.

Advocacy                                                                                 The Independent Agency System is the only type of insurance provider that gives you an Advocate, at no additional cost to you.  With over 35 years of experience, we can help you over the rough spots in life.

Involved                                                                                                         Working for you, instead of a specific insurance company, allows us to be your confidant and counselor during those times when you need to explore your options.  We've been a family business since 1958 and continue to grow by keeping our client's satisfaction our number one priority.    

Insightful                                                                                                             We're always looking for ways to help people safeguard the important things in life.  Here's a few ways we may be able to help you: 

Auto / Home   You can save a lot with "account" credits if we insure both your auto and your home or renters policies. 

 Life   Most people think life insurance is expensive...not true.  Life Insurance is far less expensive than you might think!   Most families can easily fit this extremely important coverage into their budgets.  Call us and ask for a "no strings" quote.

Umbrella Protecting your assets (your home, retirement accounts, and future earnings) from being seized in a lawsuit is easy with our Umbrella policies ~ a $1 million policy for about $12 a month!

 Business   Saving money on your business insurance is easy with our extremely competitive commercial markets.  From new ventures to  established firms, our companies have broad commercial appetites. 


We also insure: Rentals / Vacant Dwellings / Mobile & Manufactured Homes / RV's / Watercraft / Motorcycles / Special Property/and much more

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We have been serving the needs of our clients in Oregon and SW Washington since 1958.  David Edwards Insurance is licensed to write insurance products in Oregon and Washington.